2017 VSGA Triathlon Highlights

Sunday July 30th turned out to be a picture-perfect day for the 2017 VSGA Triathlon which was held in collaboration with the 34th Annual Colchester Triathlon. We had a record number of 51 senior athletes registered for this challenging event that includes swimming (or kayaking), biking and running.

VSGA would like to express its deep appreciation to Mike LePan and all the organizers and sponsors of the Colchester Triathlon and the scores of volunteers who make this event possible. THANK YOU!

You can see all the results for the Colchester Triathlon here.

There was a total of 38 VSGA finishers in the Swim, Bike, Run division – 19 women and 19 men. In the Kayak, Bike, Run division there were 9 finishers – 4 women and 5 men.  The age range for all the VSGA competitors was from 51 to 74.

With the air temperature barely reaching 60 at the start of the race, the plunge into Lake Champlain from Bayside Beach was bracing to say the least. Swimmers covered a ~500 meter course and the kayakers had to paddle a 1.5 mile out and back course. One of the big challenges of the Colchester Tri is the immediate run up the steep hill from the beach to the bike transition station. The athletes showed a wide range of strategies from sprinting up the hill while still dripping wet to walking/hopping while changing from swim gear to bike gear. We want to send a big high five to all the volunteers and the public safety officials who worked hard all morning to keep the bikers and runners safe on the 12-mile bike and 3-mile running course.

The first overall finisher in the VSGA division (swim) was Mark Mulder of Burlington in the 55-59 age group with an overall time of 1:02:18 which was just a little over 7 minutes behind the overall Triathlon winner Chris Coffey of New Haven. The first woman finisher in the VSGA (swim) division was Donna Smyers of Adamant in the 60-64 age group with an overall time of 1:06:45 just 6 minutes behind the fastest overall female finisher Jessie Donovan of Shelburne. Curt Weeber of Winooski in the 55-59 age group was the first male kayak division finisher and Ruth Blauweikel of Colchester in the 60-64 age group was the first female kayak division finisher.

NOTE: VSGA would like to offer an apology and a clarification to all the VSGA registered athletes who competed in the Kayaking division of the Colchester Triathlon. Although this information was available on the VSGA website, there was not enough room on the Colchester Tri registration form to adequately explain that because VSGA is affiliated with, and a qualifying state for, the National Senior Games, which does not sanction kayaking as a component of triathlon competition, we did not announce the kayak division winners at the medal ceremony. This is important for all VSGA competitors to be aware of because in 2018, which will be a qualifying year for the 2019 National Senior Games in Albuquerque, NM, only those who compete in the swim division will be able to qualify for NSG. However, ALL the medal winners for both the swim and kayak divisions for the 2017 Colchester Triathlon are listed here.

Swim/Bike/Run Kayak/Bike/Run

If you did not receive your medal at the Colchester event ceremony and would like to receive it by mail, please use the form below to contact VSGA Managing Director Andrea Stander with your mailing address and we will send it out to you right away. Again, our apologies for the inadequate explanation in advance of the event.

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CONGRATULATIONS to all the VSGA Triathlon competitors. We hope you had a great day and will come back next year.

  • 2017 VSGA Triathlon Highlights
    Triathlon swim begins on a picture perfect day
  • 2017 VSGA Triathlon Highlights
    Swimmers head up the hill to their bikes
  • 2017 VSGA Triathlon Highlights
    Don Mayer Savannah GA Silver 70-75 makes the transition to his bike
  • 2017 VSGA Triathlon Highlights
    Donna Smyers Adamant Gold 60-64 and third overall among VSGA competitors
  • 2017 VSGA Triathlon Highlights
    Jim Shea Colchester 55-59 Pushing through the finish line
  • 2017 VSGA Triathlon Highlights
    Barbara Mentzer Colchester Silver 70-74